Adeptus Titanicus: Battle Report

The Regia Maniple

20190131_200248With the release of the new Titandeath book I took the opportunity to try out a new Maniple for my next battle.  After reading through the book the Regia maniple took my eye.  I had not run two Warlords before and the surviveability of merging shields intrigued me, and these were supported by two Courtiers (Warhounds) and rounded off by my newly painted and converted Cerastus Knight household.


My opponent was running his Myrmidon maniple of two warlords (volcano cannons and turbo laser destructors), Reaver (twin gatling cannons, missile launcher), and household support of 6 Knights with battle cannons and CCW.

Missions, I chose Retrieval, so was trying to rescue the downed titan crew, with my opponent choosing Hold the Line in a mission to prevent my advance.

Deployment & Turn 1


With a stand off the titans advanced into position making use of the available building cover provided by the cityscape.  With multiple volcano cannons the knights pressed forward in the middle; on the left the king and queen advanced with their courtier; on the right flank the lone courtier pushed the reactor to full stride, but took it too far causing a shield burnout.


Fortunately with the extra activation my Princeps advanced to bring the opposing knights into arc of his volcano cannon, with a direct hit, and support of the turbo lasers  when the resulting dust had settled 4 had been taken out of action, leaving a much reduced threat.

With limited targets return fire was all against my king, queen and courtier but the shields held.


Turn 2


With the lowered shields recovered by an emergency repair the courtier made a break from cover exposing himself to the combined fire power of the opposing maniple, in support his sister courtier advanced with the Queen towards the crew. On the right the King continued his flanking manoeuvre both splitting their fire to keep plenty of targets in their sights.


Turn 3


Despite taking heavy damage the courtier survived the barrage to pick up the crew, turning on the spot to bring his guns to bear on the remaining knights. With a defensive barrage covering the titan, he was still able to bring his guns to bear and finish off the remaining knight unit.  In the middle the remainder of the maniple advanced into enemy territory in a bid to distract them from the rescue.  The knights successfully getting within the blind spot of the larger titans carapace weapons.


Turn 4 & 5

The King and Queen brought their full weaponry to bear on the damaged Reaver and combined with the support of the knights brought the titan crashing down.

The opposing maniple was feeling the pressure and with the remnants of the knights putting pressure on the titans reactors to deal with the risk these began to overheat and cause significant damage to the body.  A lucky shot from the Queen saw the opposing princeps titan explode, taking the remaining knight with it.

Meanwhile the lone courtier headed off to safety with the crew safely onboard.

Victorious thoughts of the day

The final score made the battle look very one sided, 33-2.  There were a couple of key moments where I almost lost my courtier which would have hampered my win.  There was also a chance to remove my knights, but in bid to save the doomed Reaver my opponent activated this, allowing my knights to make a charge on his warlord.

As for the Regia maniple I was very impressed, the ability to merge shields within 3″ meant the Warhound was safe from incoming fire and with the superior Warlord shields meant that 3+ save remained intact.  This was doubled up in the first turn when the Warhound was within 3″ of both the King and Queen.

Overall I think the Titandeath book has really opened up great possibilities and tactics with the new maniples.

My next step is to try out some of the Legio specfic traits for my maniple.

Time to name the titans, thanks for reading.



Armada – Sheffield Regional 2016

Background to a list

With some practice games under my belt and games at our local gaming club, Sanctuary Gaming Centre, I hoped I was prepared for the Regional.

Having played rebels almost exclusively since the game came out I was looking at taking one of my favourite leaders, General Dodonna.


My main reason for this guy is his ability to affect the critical hits given to the opposing fleet, and although there is everyone’s favourite Structural Damage there are some other juicy cards to fish for, (Faulty Countermeasures and Coolant Discharge are two that complement my list nicely, although there are plenty that are great).

Having run some various lists in the past I was debating over what may be best to take and reviewing the FFG community page I took a fancy to Lyraeus’ “Dodonna the Oppressor” list.  I liked the synergy and how this could perform after a few practice games .  The question was how would I fare at the Regional, in an untested meta and with players that probably have played more games than I had.

So in summary this was 3 Corvettes with Intel Officer and Turbolaser Reroute Circuits, two Scout MC30’s with Ordnance Experts, Titles, Assault Proton Torpedoes, Intel Officers and Turbolaser Reroute Circuits.

The tournament

After a little bit of chat on the forums I was looking forward to meet up with a few of the people met there and more importantly get some games played.  It was looking like it would be a long day with 4 games to be played, with that in mind I decided to play my Store Championship Bye.  Arriving a little late at 10am I expected to see the games in full swing, but as it turned out they had just got underway.

So I got chatting with some of the other guys using their byes and  got to watching some games and looking at the lists out there.

An initial look about showed lots of Rieekan and Ackbar, a couple of Mon Mothma and two Dodonna’s (so i was in for a good shout for best Dodonna…)

On the Imperial side the favourites were Screed and Motti, with a smattering of Ozzel and one Tarkin.

I had a good chat with some guys including Pete Rees, Liam Tormey and Laurence Evans about lists the prevalence of Imperials and Motti and Screed.

Round 2

Well as we had all discussed pretty much the bye players all faced each other in the first round, it was my luck to face off against Liam Tormey whom I had been having a good chat with earlier. He had taken a double ISD list with Motti leading the way.

After taking the choice of first player i decided on his objectives, and this was to be my downfall, I chose Fire Lanes expecting to be able to take out an ISD early and then try and grab objectives later in the game.  I knew it would be an uphill struggle, but i had not appreciated how much of a struggle it would be.

With some initial trade off of shots and all the objectives going to the Imperials on turns 1+2 the Rebel fleet took out Motti’s flag ship on Turn three for the loss of a Corvette in return.  The success of this though had meant travelling at speed and although i was now around the back of the other ISD I was travelling too fast to claim the objectives.  At this point i made a decision to try and keep in the fight and minimise the losses, but some good rolls at the death changed the result from a 7-3 to Liam to 8-2.

Round 3

I was hoping at this point to get a good match up, but it was against a good player in David Bone and another Imperial list.

He took first player and chose my Intel Sweep to play, with the objective spread in my favour he set his ships to fast and proceeded to take the battle to me.  I think this is where my lack of experience cane to show as I was not used to this level of aggressiveness and instead of playing to my fleets strengths – i.e. keeping at range, I over committed and proceeded to lose ship after ship in quick succession.

I almost got back into the game as Demolisher clipped the ISD and lost Monferat but he managed to escape the following turn and ran to the hills.

The battle was over really fast, and at a 10-0 to David at least I had some time to grab a bite to eat.

Round 4

With a lot of time to think I realised that in Game 1 I had played correctly but picked the wrong mission, game 2 I had a good mission, but played the wrong game, so i really wanted to make sure i played the right game and took the mission when it was possible.

I drew my namesake, Chris Leffler in this round and facing yet another Imperial list and my 4th Isd of the day!  Chris has two gladiators in support of the flagship and Screed commanding.

This time I was first player again and chose contested outpost, knowing that for the first couple of turns I would be losing out, but hoping that the firepower I knew I could bring to bear would compensate for this.  After managing to set a trap for the Demolisher, I proceeded to roll 1 hit on my close range black dice of Foresight, fortunately the combination of fire had caused some defense tokens to be burnt! So with a panic Demolisher activated and took out a Corvette leaving me on a mission to focus fire, and between the remaining Corvettes the Demolisher was blown from the sky.

With the remaining Gladiator trapped on the far side of the ISD my remaining fleet poured fire into the Flagship taking it down on Turn 4.  Heavily out numbered the remaining fighters and Gladiator tried to take down Admonition but the ship flew to safety with a parting shot to the Gladiator leaving it wide open to the combined fire of the Corvettes and Foresight.

So having played my list correctly at last and despite losing the objective 4-1 i pulled out a 9-1 win in the last game.

Round up

It had been a long day and it was on to the award ceremony, despite my 9-1 I was not quite close enough to the other Dodonna admiral and also to my chagrin finished in 18th just a single point off the top 16.

Still the prizes were not over and to my surprise I heard my name called out, there was a prize for the top General of both factions outside the top 16 and I had managed that feat! It came with a nice mug and a gift voucher for the store.

I learnt a lot about my list and it still interests me and i would like to fly it again, but also seeing so many other lists out there and all the variations thereof I am tempted to change to something new.

The Venue

It was the second time I have been to Patriot Games back in 2014 where I won an X-wing Store Championship but it turns out they have moved and their new venue is really good for gaming with an entire room given over to gaming upstairs with the store downstairs.

The staff were really friendly and the event was run without a hitch as far as I could see, which is what you want from a tournament from the player’s perspective.



ISD II Intel Officer, ECM, Gunnery Team, XI7, Admiral Motti

ISD II Intel Officer, ECM, Gunnery Team, XI7,

3 x Tie Advanced, Jumpmaster, Dengar


ISD II, Wulff Yularen, XI7, SW7 Ion Cannons, Gunnery Teams, Expanded Hanger Bay, ECM, Avenger

Gladiator I, Engine Techs, Demolisher, APT, Ordnance Ecperts, Admiral Montferrat

Raider I, Ordnance Experts, Instigator

3 x Tie Bombers, Rhymer and Dengar


ISD II, Admiral Screed, Advanced Projectors, XI7, Boosted Comms, Leading Shots

Gladiator I, Demolisher, Ordnance Experts, Engine Techs, Assault Concussion Missiles

Gladiator I, Ordnance Experts, Assault Concussion Missiles

Howlrunner, Dengar, 3x Tie Advanced

Final Standings

Although I did not stay till the end the Final Battle was between Laurence and Pete, unfortunately the Imperials won the day beating the Stalwart Rebels.  Congratulations to Laurence and his triple Gladiator list.  Nice to see a Rebel Imperial final though.

Armada Sheffield Regional







Star Wars Armada – Spring League

I was glad to see our local store Sanctuary Gaming Centre was running another league, after several debates I settled on a variant of my store championship list dropping the AF2 in favour of a fragile but hard hitting MC-30 Scout Frigate.

I have been using Armada Warlord Solutions to build and plan my lists as it is user friendly and allows easy export of lists.

For those that read my blogs, I have been out for a while busy working for a new company and found I had less free time.  Still been keeping up the gaming but no time to blog, despite feeling the need to often!

So I am happy to write about the latest star wars game, from FFG – Armada.  I have been playing since the release, entered into several leagues and tournaments. Managed to bag a Store Championship and am off to a Regional later in May, although totally undecided on the list to take for this at the moment.


The lists

Faction: Rebel Alliance
Points: 395/400
Commander: Admiral Ackbar

Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery
Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault
Navigation Objective: Dangerous Territory

CR90 Corvette A (44 points), Jaina’s Light ( 2 points), Intel Officer ( 7 points), Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points)
Total = 60

MC30c Scout Frigate (69 points), Foresight ( 8 points), Intel Officer ( 7 points), Ordnance Experts ( 4 points), Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points), Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points)
Total = 100

[ flagship ] MC80 Command Cruiser (106 points), Admiral Ackbar ( 38 points), Home One ( 7 points), Intel Officer ( 7 points), Engine Techs ( 8 points), Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points), XI7 Turbolasers ( 6 points)
Total = 179

Squadrons: Dash Rendar ( 24 points), 2 YT-2400s ( 32 points)

James’ list was 400 points on the nose:
Gladiator 1, assault concussion missiles, ordnance experts
Gladiator 1, assault concussion missiles, ordnance experts
Imperial II class star destroyer, Admiral Motti, Redundant Shields, xi7 turbo lasers, gunnery team, relentless, leading shots

Squadrons, Boba Fett, Soontir Fel, Mauler Mithel, Tie Interceptor,2 Tie advanced

Assault Objective: Opening Salvo
Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault
Navigation Objective: Dangerous Territory

My round 1 opponent was an old Nemesis – James Hawkins (who won the last league), we have had relatively even honours before, however the last time we met the battle was a squib and neither of us lost much in the way of ships on the way to a 5-5 draw.  I was determined to make an effort to score a win and was looking to play fairly aggressively.

As first player I decided to take the Hyperspace Assault mission, knowing this would remove a Gladiator from the scene for a turn or two and hopefully allow me to gain a good position on the table before it showed up.

Set Up

The space station was set central, and I placed asteroids on the imperial side to try to disrupt their deployment and potentially cause a critical if I could force them into the hoped positions. James spread the deployment points accross the board, but towards my left and I obliged with my set up looking for the MC-30 to out flank on the left and the TRC-90 and MC-80 moving to the right and up the centre. I spread my fighters accross the board.

James set one of his gladiators opposite the TRC and the Imperial Star destroyer opposite the MC80.  The fighters were all clustered around the Gladiator.



The Game

I sped the MC-30 up on the left with the plan to get him up close and personal to the Gladiator hopefully unleashing a double arc blast of 5 black and 3 red dice, coupled with Assault Proton Torpedoes I hoped to take it down in a single pass, especially if i could get a couple of long range shots off on the way in.

As it happened it all went to plan, except for the 5 black dice failing to turn up a critical, thus leaving the Gladiator on 1 hull (damn Admiral Motti).  This meant the corvette took the brunt of the shots off the Gladiator before he shot killing the Gladiator and dodged off to the rear of the battlefield. James had taken the opportunity to bring the third gladiator in to challenge the MC30 but even at speed three he only managed a long range punt and Foresight put paid to any damage being dealt.

The following turn as the new Gladiator rammed the Corvette  from the world, and the MC30 was looking in poor shape, at speed 4, a ruptured engine and 1 damage, fortunately i had dialed in an engineering, which cleared the critical.


So with survival in mind I powered up and set a course to safety, to conserve points.

The game swung though as the Imp SD shot and moved up to medium range of the MC80, who promptly shot 11 damage and played an accuracy on Brace, leaving X-I7 to batter through the remaining front shields to leave the ship on half health, an attempted ram using engine techs failed but left the MC-80 in close range and out of the front arc of the Imperial SD for the next turn.  What followed was not pretty, another 12 damage shot to the shield-less front arc saw the flag ship blasted from the sky.


With the Imperials looking in bad shape the MC-80 took on the gladiator, but with a natural roll of 4 accuracy there was not enough damage output and I had to rely on 3 rams to kill it off leaving the remaining fighters to scatter to the stars.

The final score was a big win to me scoring 400 – 116, with a MoV 284 left a solid so 9-1 to me in the first round.

Post Match Summary

Notes on the game, almost all the commands I chose were Navigation, although early on I dialed in some engineering and concentrate fire in case i needed these later.  The maneuvering ability on the MC-80 really needed these, and although it would be nice to have included the concentrate fire, it was my positioning that helped me to the win on this one.

Although on Turn 4 this game looked like it would end in a draw, but T5 was the turning point, with the front of the damaged Imperial Star Destroyer still in the side arc of the MC-80, James activated the Gladiator to try and get some extra shots off at the fleeing MC-30, but at the long range this was ineffective.   What it meant though was that instead of having a shot at the Imperial on a shielded face all the damage went straight to the hull. No accuracy rolled, but the brace was not enough to keep the ship flying, with the exact damage being taken to kill it.  Although i think i would have got him the following turn, but it would have meant that I did not kill the Gladiator and in return the Gladiator would have savaged the MC-80.

I could foresee the MC-30 taking some damage, but I failed to grasp just how much, both times I was just in range of the chasing ships, and got away with the critical hit, fortunately as I was already at speed 4 taking the engineering was a no-brainer at this point (with an entire half of the board to fly into.  My fighters did their job well and although they went down fast they pinned the imperial squadrons in place long enough for them not to worry my ships.

Round two to come, several opponents to face, will it be more Imperials or Rebels…

Edit – 6th May

Other results in the league are in:

Greg Milne vs Daniel Scott (Imp vs Imp) – 174 to 171

Rich Tansey vs Martyn Gough (Rebel vs Imp) – 383 to 127

Next round is

Chris vs Rich

Daniel vs Martyn

James vs Greg



X-Wing Knock Out – Sanctuary Games

Life moves in mysterious ways, a friend was meant to come and stay the night and whilst here “wanted to try out that new X-wing game”.  Unfortunately he cancelled last minute, freeing my Sunday up to go to a tournament.

The format was one that I have never really played in before and it piqued my interest – 150 points, Rebel Aces allowed, knockout – 2 losses and you can go home…(or play friendlies)

With 7 players turning up the owner stepped in to ensure there were no byes.

Choosing a list

Rebels or Imperials…I chose both and started to ponder things.

Imperials were Darth Vader + Proton Rockets + Outmaneuver + Engine Upgrade, Black Squadron Pilot + Draw their Fire, Rexlar Brath + Heavy Laser Cannon + Veteran Instincts, 2 x Sigma Squadron Pilots

Rebels consisted of Keyan Farlander + Heavy Laser Cannon + Push the Limit + Bwing/E2 + Weapons Engineer, Roark Garnet, Chewbacca + C3PO + Gunner + Millenium Falcon, Wedge Antillies + R2 + Push the Limit + Engine Upgrade.

Both these lists I considered would do well as they had high Pilot Skill to combat uncloaked phantoms, but in the end i chose the Rebel list.

Wedge AntillesPush the LimitEngine UpgradeR2Chewbacca FalconGunnerC-3POMillenium FalconRoark GarnetKeyan FarlanderPush the LimitWeapons Engineer   Bwing-E2   Heavy Laser Cannon

Players – Martyn Gough, Melvin  , Rich Tansey, Craig Sharp, Terry Carr, Grahame Mulliss & myself Chris Taylor with Rich Lacey acting as a spare.

The Plan

Without knowing anything about others lists and 150 point games really opening up some nice combos i was hoping that my PS 12 out put and Chewie would help solve that pesky Phantom issue.  Roark is never meant to fight but just stay at range three and if he gets a shot its a bonus.  Wedge does what he does and with the boost can hopefully get into the right position to deal a killer blow, Keyan i hoped would work – the round where he needs to shoot i would take PTL with a barrel roll or a focus and target lock saving the focus for defense if needed.

Would it work though?

Onwards and upwards to see how things would pan out…

Round 1 – vs Martyn and three tooled up Imperials,

  • Whisper +Advanced Cloaking Device + Veteran Instincts + Fire Control System + Gunner,
  • Colonel Vessery + Heavy Laser Cannon + Veteran Instincts + Assault Missiles,
  • Boba Fett + Proton Bombs + Weapons Engineer + Flechette Torpedoes + Predator + Assault Missiles + Slave-1

Things were about to get messy, the imperials had the drop on the rebel fleet with Pilot Skill 8,8,9 to my 4,5,7,9 so i spread out hoping i could take it slow and get my ships to bear before he could engage.  Round 1 and i actually remembered to take photos so here is their story.


After exchange of fire the falcon is left on a single point of hull with just Boba Fett to shoot…but to the rescue comes Wedge causing a Blinded Pilot Critical leaving Boba Fett rolling no dice and with that Keyan blew him from the sky.


Not to be outdone the imperials chase down Chewie but in doing so leave an opening and Whisper goes down.DSCN0005

Not one to give up Colonel Vessery takes the fight to the Rebels causing Keyan be destoryed.DSCN0006

The star of the show, Wedge, did not lose his cool and closed to point blank range to destroy the Colonel.DSCN0008

Roark spent the game flying around rescuing the recently shot down pilots, but was the star of the show giving Chewie what he needed to put the initial damage onto Whisper.

Win for the rebels 150-94

DSCN0009 Games in progress

Round 2 – Rich T

Rich was flying an Elite Rebel list of three A-wings and 2 B-wings, embracing the spirit of the Aces he had:

  • Tycho Celchu + Veteran Instincts + Chardaan Refit + Stealth Device
  • Jake Farrell + Veteran Instincts + Chardaan Refit + Stealth Device
  • Gemmer Sojan + A-Wing Test Pilot + Veteran Instincts + Chardaan Refit + Stealth Device
  • Keyan Farlander + Veteran Instincts + Heavy Laser Cannon + Advanced Sensors
  • Ibitisam + Veteran Instincts + Ion Cannon

Now before i get into this game i have to mention Rich’s first game vs Grahame everyone had finished except these guys and with 5 mins to go it was 0-0 eventually the game was won by Rich as Grahame flew Krassis off the board!

Rich vs Grahame in the great battle of evading DSCN0010

Knowing how hard it was to hit the A-wings I decided that the way forward was to take out the B-wings first and I set this up to go forward.

With Rich having the Pilot skill i set up in a corner so that i could bring all my guns to bear, Rich set up with his A-wings in line and the B-wings looking to come around the flank.


The forces engage with Rich’s Keyan Farlander going down in the first pass, but Wedge is Ion’d and heading towards an asteroid with no shields


The A-wings turn in to bring their guns to bear,


Chewie boosts to safety while the A-wings get behind Wedge and Keyan, but fail to make the most of their shotsDSCN0016

Keyan and Ibitsam face off with Keyan coming out the winner, whilst Chewie chases down Jake.DSCN0017

After leading the remaining rebels on a merry old dance eventually Jake was bracketed by the remaining ships and was destroyed.

Two from two and things were looking good for the Knock out with a 150-37 win.

Game 3 vs Melvin and an 4 X-wings and an E-wing list, it was a lot of attack dice and this scared me especially if all those ships could be brought to bear in one turn.

  • 3 x Rookie X-wings with R2 Astromechs
  • Wedge + Shield Upgrade + R2 Astromech + Outmaneuver
  • Corran Horn + Veteran Instincts + R2-D2 + Shield upgrade + Fire control system

With a split set up Chewie was concerned of the triple rookies on the flank, as for the remaining ships i wanted to get Wedge taken down as he could be a real threat to Keyan or Chewie.


Chewie takes the brunt of the rookie’s fire, but survives to take out Wedge


The ships re-position for the next round and Keyan judges his turn to combine with Chewie and blow a rookie from the sky.


With the ship advantage the rookies are destroyed and the chase is on for CorranDSCN0022

150-0 win (although my squad was pretty beaten up)

Three games, three wins and 4 players left going into the last round and I had played all three but they had not played each other.

I drew for my sins Rich and his elite ships again, the result was the same, although I lost Wedge early i managed to kill his B-wings and despite losing Roark for the first time over the weekend I ran out 150-56 winner.

Time to call out Honest Sith’s Insurance brokers


In the other game Martyn beat Melvin leaving me on a 4-0 record and Martyn on 3-1.  With the time 5.30pm and the potential for 2 further games to try and decide this (I lose one and the a final game as a decider) we could have been looking at a 9pm finish and so we decided to call it there.

Tournament thoughts

Keyan Farlander – wow what a pilot, certainly man of the match, although I think in part due to Chewie taking the heat off him. Burning the stress to shoot was really effective.  Roark was a close second, this is the first time i have flown him with no upgrades and i think that was best as it meant I did not need (nor was i tempted) to fly him close to any fighting like i would have done if he had a turret – he actually took down a B-wing at range 3 in the last game too!  Gunner on Chewie or the Turret on Roark – gunner was certainly the better option.  I think weapons engineer was slightly wasted and Jan Ors on Roark would have been possibly a better choice.

The format knowing it was 2 losses and you were out was fine for this weekend, however we all underestimated how long this could go on.  With just 8 players we needed a potential 6 games and with 90 mins being allowed for each round there just was not enough time in the day.  If we had dropped to 100 point games and 60 mins we would probably have had the time to fit these in.

Still I was more than happy with a 4-0 winning record and took a small ship home with me at the end of the day.

A big thanks to my opponents and Martyn for organising and Rich for hosting this at Sanctuary Games,

I will be back for another tournament.

One final note was to the guys I did not play and their lists.


  • Krassis Trelix + Heavy Laser Cannon + Gunner + Homing Missiles
  • Capt. Jonus + Proximity Mines
  • Turr Phenir + Veteran Instincts
  • Soontir Fel + Push the Limit
  • Dark Curse

Terry Carr

  • 4 X-wings and a Y-wing (unfortunately i missed taking notes of his list)

Craig Sharp

  • Dark Curse
  • Backstabber + Shield Upgrade
  • Obsidian Squadron
  • Howlrunner + Veteran Instincts + Stealth Device
  • Whisper + Advanced Cloaking Device + Veteran Instincts
  • Krassis Trelix + Stealth Device and Proximity Mines

One last note I am assisting in running a tournament in Derby, England on the weekend of 21-23 November.  If any of you readers would like to attend details can be found here

Thanks for reading and see you next time.


Daemons VS Vampires

Daemons vs Vampire Counts

Warhammer Battle Report

This week my daemons took on Michael Biggs and this week he was playing the Vampire Counts in readiness for an upcoming tournament – Warlords GT.

The big change for me was to go away from the Lord of Change / Kairos and try out my other Greater Daemon – the great unclean one.

My army – Great Unclean One with two greater gifts Lvl 4Death, Nurgle BSB with a greater gift, 30 Plague bearers ,11 horrors, 5 Blood Crushers, 3 Plague Drones, 5 Nurgle Furies and a skull cannon.

Vampires – Ghoul King lvl 1 vamps, Necromancer Lord Lvl 4 Vampires, 2 Banshees, 50 Zombies x 2, 20 Zombies, 5 dire wolves, 8 Crypt Horrors, 2 x 3 Vargheists, Terrogheist and Mortis Engine.

Playing a straight pitched battle we started the deployment. With limited shooting in both armies I wanted from the outset to push my combat troops to engage as I felt I should be able to out res most of the undead units I was facing.

The GUO rolled up +2 attacks and +1 wound, the BSB taking his trusted fencers blades onto the battlefield.


Battle Line

Great Unclean One leads the army

Turn 1

Turn 1 fell to the daemons so will little hesitation I marched most of the army forward with the cannon manoeuvring into position to shoot down the Terrogheist. With that I promptly rolled a double 2 for the magic phase which left a negligible casting but significantly reduced my ward saves to 6+ and facing a potential set of three screams. Fortunately the cannon took 4 wounds off the Terrogheist hopefully that would reduce its effectiveness…

With the vampires acting cagey they flew one set of vargheists in front of the plague drones to protect the character bunker On the right the flank moved up giving some long range charge options for the daemons.

With a stunning magic phase around 30 zombies clambered from the ground to join the three units already in play in the process healing back two wounds to the Terrogheist, but with only the one scream to face the drones weathered the storm only taking a wound.

Turn 2

The drones took the challenge of the vargheists charging them and the rest of the daemons moved up in support leaving the vampires with a limited choice of stand or charge.

In a reversal of fortunes a 10 for the winds of magic bumped the vampires saves to 4+ in what could be a decisive round The attempted death snipe on the Terrogheist failed with a good roll by Mr Biggs, and a cheeky 1 dice soulblight (-1S & -1T) on the Ghoul Kings unit drew a scroll as the drones were expected to run through the vargheists and overrun into the character bunker (which they subsequently did)

4+ Ward

With a 4+ ward save in place the vampires advanced rather than charging hoping for the ward saves to reduce. Another good magic phase brought the Terrogheist to full strength, and the ensuing combat caused the plague drones to lose a man, but thanks to a good break test two remained. Unfortunately the lvl4 necromancer despite attracting the attention of 2 drones and their riders managed to survive with only 1 wound taken.

Turn 3

With the crypt horrors in the plague bearers face they charged, the beasts of Nurgle charging the conga’d dire wolves on the right flank. In the middle the GUO and Blood crushers charged the now 70 ish man zombie unit and the cannon moved around the flank to try and shoot the Terrogheist again.

What was a good magic phase before turned out even better as another 10 came up on the dice giving the daemons another round of 4+ wards, and this time when the majority of the army was in combat.

4+ Ward again!

With limited magical targets the horrors ultimate forced Gateway at the Terrogheist causing a whopping 7 S4 hits and completely failing to wound the beast, fortunately in return only lost a model or two.

The big combats this phase were the drones who did go down, but not before dragging a banshee to its true death.

Over on the right flank the plague bearers hit and wounded way beyond their pay grade and left just two Crypt Horrors facing the next round of combat. The beasts wiped the dogs off the face of the planet and made the long overrun into the flank of the final unit of vargheists.

The GUO and Crushers smashed the zombies reducing their numbers by a considerable amount and taking no damage in return.

The vampires were looking at risk by this time and the characters bailed out of their unit to the small unit furthest from the GUO and his lesser daemons.

Vampires Doom

The Terrogheist moved up to scream at the bloodcrushers to try and finish them off but in doing so exposed himself to a charge should the plague bearers kill off the remaining two crypt horrors which they subsequently did.

Charge the Terrogheist

The beasts of Nurgle smashed through the vargheists and into the flank of the zombie unit fighting the GUO and although the zombies were there at the end of the turn things were looking bleak.

Turn 4

I want to say at this point that it was a mopping up exercise but the Ghoul king was still alive and knowing that meant I knew the damage he could put out.

After two good turns of magic though the Slaanesh gods had enough and as punishment blew away the Khorne skullcannon (16 rolled on a 3D6 LD test oh well…).

But the ensuing combat phase saw the Terrogheist crumble in the match up with the plague bearers, the zombie unit die, giving a reform to the GUO and remaining blood crushers to line up a charge on the Vampires unit. The beasts overrunning into the flank of the skeleton unit and tying them up in combat.

With the vampires attempting to extract themselves from a sticky situation by charging past the last remaining fury and realising they could not things were looking up for the daemons. The beasts won the combat convincingly and the skeletons reformed to face them.

Bearing down on the vampires

Turn 5

The fury charged the mortis engine to get out of the way and the crushers and GUO charged the character bunker. While the plague bearers pushed up to support.

With another awful roll on the winds of magic (3) the great unclean one rolled high…taking 3 wounds but with are-roll managed to hit it again and suffered three wounds outright. Things were looking bad.

In the ensuing combat the Strigoi Ghoul King and Great Unclean One bellowed a challenge at one another and with a primal fury attacked, disappointingly both characters only succeeded in putting 1 wound on each other. This left the crushers to kill the remaining banshee and necromancer lord and ensuing that the combat was won.

The beasts finally fluffed their attacks leaving a few skeletons alive ultimately preventing the planned zombie horde counter charge.

In the vampires turn the GUO was in finer form and squashed the ancient ghoul king to dust and with the death of their leader the vampire army was no more and rapidly crumbled to dust.

The end of the battle


Another great game against Michael, with lots of tactical manouvering throughout. The winds of magic dice rolls were so hot and cold and each roll had a big effect on the game for once.

I lost the cannon and 3 wounds on the GUO also had a turn of 6+ wards (but at the start meant it was inconsequential) on the flip side two back to back turns of 4+ ward during the critical close combat phases meant the daemons really capitalised.

Without those wards the vampire lord would have been freer and the crypt horrors would have done much better vs the plague bearers.

I forgot how annoying the heal spells are and just gave up in the end, I managed to capitalise though on a couple of mistakes by michael one where he screamed at the blood crushers over the GUO and the other was the over run from the beasts vs dire wolves allowing the flank charge onto the vargheists.

With the list Michael had taken as he said it had been tailored away from daemons and more to fight Warriors for the upcoming Warlords GT. (hence why I have not mentioned any magic items in his list) just in case he has opponents that read this blog in advance.