Adeptus Titanicus: Battle Report

The Regia Maniple

20190131_200248With the release of the new Titandeath book I took the opportunity to try out a new Maniple for my next battle.  After reading through the book the Regia maniple took my eye.  I had not run two Warlords before and the surviveability of merging shields intrigued me, and these were supported by two Courtiers (Warhounds) and rounded off by my newly painted and converted Cerastus Knight household.


My opponent was running his Myrmidon maniple of two warlords (volcano cannons and turbo laser destructors), Reaver (twin gatling cannons, missile launcher), and household support of 6 Knights with battle cannons and CCW.

Missions, I chose Retrieval, so was trying to rescue the downed titan crew, with my opponent choosing Hold the Line in a mission to prevent my advance.

Deployment & Turn 1


With a stand off the titans advanced into position making use of the available building cover provided by the cityscape.  With multiple volcano cannons the knights pressed forward in the middle; on the left the king and queen advanced with their courtier; on the right flank the lone courtier pushed the reactor to full stride, but took it too far causing a shield burnout.


Fortunately with the extra activation my Princeps advanced to bring the opposing knights into arc of his volcano cannon, with a direct hit, and support of the turbo lasers  when the resulting dust had settled 4 had been taken out of action, leaving a much reduced threat.

With limited targets return fire was all against my king, queen and courtier but the shields held.


Turn 2


With the lowered shields recovered by an emergency repair the courtier made a break from cover exposing himself to the combined fire power of the opposing maniple, in support his sister courtier advanced with the Queen towards the crew. On the right the King continued his flanking manoeuvre both splitting their fire to keep plenty of targets in their sights.


Turn 3


Despite taking heavy damage the courtier survived the barrage to pick up the crew, turning on the spot to bring his guns to bear on the remaining knights. With a defensive barrage covering the titan, he was still able to bring his guns to bear and finish off the remaining knight unit.  In the middle the remainder of the maniple advanced into enemy territory in a bid to distract them from the rescue.  The knights successfully getting within the blind spot of the larger titans carapace weapons.


Turn 4 & 5

The King and Queen brought their full weaponry to bear on the damaged Reaver and combined with the support of the knights brought the titan crashing down.

The opposing maniple was feeling the pressure and with the remnants of the knights putting pressure on the titans reactors to deal with the risk these began to overheat and cause significant damage to the body.  A lucky shot from the Queen saw the opposing princeps titan explode, taking the remaining knight with it.

Meanwhile the lone courtier headed off to safety with the crew safely onboard.

Victorious thoughts of the day

The final score made the battle look very one sided, 33-2.  There were a couple of key moments where I almost lost my courtier which would have hampered my win.  There was also a chance to remove my knights, but in bid to save the doomed Reaver my opponent activated this, allowing my knights to make a charge on his warlord.

As for the Regia maniple I was very impressed, the ability to merge shields within 3″ meant the Warhound was safe from incoming fire and with the superior Warlord shields meant that 3+ save remained intact.  This was doubled up in the first turn when the Warhound was within 3″ of both the King and Queen.

Overall I think the Titandeath book has really opened up great possibilities and tactics with the new maniples.

My next step is to try out some of the Legio specfic traits for my maniple.

Time to name the titans, thanks for reading.



Adeptus Titanicus – Missions

With several games under my belt I wanted to make a blog post about the missions available in Matched play.  It includes tactics for choosing your mission and how to go about winning.  Finally I have jotted down some thoughts on how these could be altered to created a closer game.

For the purposes of this I want to look at three options a skirmish a confrontation and epic clash, therefore, I have assumed an equal number and scale of titans on either side for comparison.

The lists are therefore as follows, and fit roughly into the maximum bracket shown.

Battlegroup List

Skirmish (1250pts) Confrontation (1750pts) Epic (2500 pts)
Two reavers (8), Warlord (10), Two Warlords(10),
Two warhounds (6), Reaver (8), Two Reavers(8),
Banner of Knights (4) Three Warhounds (6), Three Warhounds (6) ,
Banner of Knights (4) Two Knight Banners (4)
Total Scale 32 Total scale 40 Total Scale 62

There are currently 5 missions available and these all have a primary and secondary objective, based on the armies above I have summarised the maximum scores possible from these.

The rules state that wiping out your opponent is an automatic win, however for comparison purposes I have ignored this.

The first number is the primary mission score, the second is the secondary mission score

Possible Scores

Mission Skirmish Confrontation Epic
Engage and destroy1 38 5 49 52 80 5
Retrieval1 20 18 20 22 20 32
Glory and Honour 20 12 20 12 20 12
Hold the line 20 16 20 20 20 31
Vital Cargo 15 32 15 40 15 62

1 It should be noted that there are discrepancies between the book and cards I have assumed the cards are incorrect and the book is correct.  I.e. the

2 Both players can score this objective.


The first thing that jumps out on the above matched play missions is that two of them really scale with the size of the game.  Both Vital Cargo and Engage and Destroy can be comparable match ups and result in tight games.

Unfortunately, if you draw these and your opponent does not then they are in for a hard time.  Taking Confrontation as the “typical” game.


Mission Score
Engage and Destroy 54
Vital Cargo 55
Retrieval 42
Glory and honour 32
Hold the Line 40.


At first glance these scores look close and it seems like any match up may work out well.  I have looked at these in turn below starting with the mission that seems to be the worst option on the board.

Glory and Honour

Why is this mission so hard? The reason is that basically you have to kill the highest point Titan on turn 1 to score 20 points, and whilst doing so is possible by bringing all guns to bear, your opponent knows you have chosen this so all they have to do is hide / protect that key Titan for a couple of turns and the max that can be scored is suddenly 10.

The secondary objectives are also weak, you must control an entire quarter with no opposition, that is no hiding Knight, or a stubborn Warlord.  So at best you will score 9 extra points from three quarters, and that is tough.  So this mission will score you probably 19 points at best.

Winning Tactics

You will always have two options of missions and unfortunately I really cannot see a time when I will ever chose this mission as it will be very tough to win.  Top tip: choose the other mission.  Glory and honour will be going to your opponent otherwise!

Hold the line

You can net a decent 40 points in this mission.  All your princeps needs to do is to keep your titans alive and keep the opposing team away from your board edge.

Keep them in the first 18” of their board edge, sounds easy enough.  Consider one Knight (or Warhound) remaining with 10”/12” movement with full stride orders.  Small enough to hide behind terrain, and move 20”-24” on the last turns, whilst probably arc dodging and hiding in terrain to avoid being killed.  That gives a really good chance of making it to the last 12” of the table reducing your possible vp’s to 0 or 5.  Secondary points are still a good source of points, but not as good as the main missions.  A max of 20 from my example, for a total score 25.

Winning Tactics

If I have taken this mission then I would focus my energies on stopping the fast titans and knights.  I would ignore the bigger slower titans in the earlier turns, (unless a close combat Reaver is steaming across the board at you) and try and weather the storm.


Note the card provided with the game differs from the Rule Book.

I personally really like this mission as it poses a challenge, and there is always a titan crew to rescue from somewhere.

However, the points will let you down again.  If you can get it off the board you score 20 points, and prevent your opponent killing Titan, but a lot of the game your titan will be moving fast to avoid shots and so is unlikely to be shooting in return.  It will also expose its rear as it heads back to your table edge!

You then score a decent amount for killing the opposition but in my example 22 is the best. So 42 points can be scored.  Depending on game length getting off the board can be tough, so 30 to 40 is likely.

Winning Tactics

Personally I use a Warhound for the mission due to the speed and turning ability of the Titan.  I try to run a pair up to the objective before one splits away to rescue the crew.

If you pick this there is a stratagem that really helps…blind barrage, it great for keeping your Titan alive when they grab the crew.  As it is this turn when your opponent can really line up their fire corridors.

Edit: As with Vital Cargo below you will lose a titan if it escapes off the back edge, but I have found  that by this point it has taken sustained fire so you want to escape and not delay!

Vital Cargo

This is a potential high scoring mission, but you need to make the trek across 48” of board in 4 turns.  Looking at a 6” deployment zone that is 32” of movement.  A Warhound with a few full stride orders can make this without pushing the reactor if there is a straight line and no opposition in the way, a Reaver can push the reactor to move and make it too.

The problem being is you then lose your titan from the game.

The secondary mission is to get into the enemy deployment zone so you really want your entire force pressing the opposition or making a hole and breaking through.

There are variances on all these, and playing close quarters really helps win vital cargo as the deployment zones are 18” deep.  So even titans in zone c only have to move 24” as opposed to 36” on all the other setups.

On all other missions the score will be lower as getting into the rear 6” zone will restrict the secondary mission points as probably only knights and Warhounds will make it, while still playing the tactical battle.  So a score of 15 plus 22 for 37 is a good score.

Winning Tactics

Plan early as to where you will target, deploy a fake flank with fast moving titans and knights which can switch to support your main battle force.  Decide which of your titans will be trying to make it into the opposing deployment zone for extra points, and how they can do this whilst still fighting.  But also by disguising which it is from your opponent.

Engage and Destroy

Note the card provided with the game differs from the Rule Book.

This is in my opinion the stand out mission for winning.  You need to kill the opposition and one thing this game does is ensure a fight.  The board are such that something is in range from round 2 onwards. The only point of note is that the secondary mission is worded such that both sides can win it, which means there are 5 points available for anyone playing you.  Still with a good battle destroying 50% of the opposition scores you 30 points.  75% is 42 points.  At this point the game is probably yours!

Winning Tactics

Focus down units make sure of your kills.  Kill 70% of the opposition for an almost certain win, no matter what your opponent does.

35- 40 should be your winning score, but as discussed several missions just won’t ever make this total.

There is a counter to this obviously, that is don’t lose your own titans, but that is harder said than done. Especially when you are fighting for your own mission.

Adjustments to scoring

Engage and Destroy scales massively with the more titans that play.  Therefore, there is in my opinion this mission needs a scale depending on the level being played. These points are probably good for skirmish but could be dropped by one / three for Confrontation and Epic respectively.

With Structurally compromised titans these adjustments may drop something to zero in Epic and so it could cap out at 1 point minimum.  Structurally compromised Titans should also reduce the points by the same amount.

Scale Skirmish Confrontation Epic
1-3 4 3 1
4-6 6 5 3
7-9 10 9 7
9+ 15 14 12

Whilst I have not Play-tested these changes I feel it would begin to even out the missions based on available points.  It would have made a few games I have played under this scenario much closer, and winnable by both sides.

I can understand why one table is provided, and that they use scale for determining points.  My table above requires additional sums and so is not as user friendly.

The immediate change to the scores as shown at the start of my blog would be

Skirmish – No change = 43 points

Confrontation One point reduction drops by 6 = 49 points

Epic = Three point reduction drops by 27 = 58 points

These point drops would also apply to structurally compromised titans

The other way to look at this is perhaps all missions need a scale factor applying to them.  So that they can produce close games no matter what level you play at.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: 11th Jan – Incorporated some comments following Facebook feedback regarding cards and missions.

Adeptus Titanicus- Recover the crew

—-Message incoming—-

Titan compromised, shutdown orders given, crew evacuated, enemy advancing.

—Message Ends—

With a handful of games under our belts Tris and I arranged a pre-Christmas game down at Warhammer World.

With us both playing a matched points force of ~1600 points our Maniples were evenly balanced but very different!

Tris – Venator Maniple

Princeps, Servant of the Machine, in a Reaver with 2x Laser Blasters, Carapace Turbolaser Destructors,

2x Warhounds one with twin Vulcan Mega Bolters, one with twin Plasma Blastguns

1 Warhound with twin flamers

Reaver with Power Fist, Chainfist, missile launchers

Supported by 3 Questorus Knights and 2 Cerastus Knights with Lances

Chris – Axiom Maniple

Princeps Warlord, Servant of the Machine, in a with twin Volcano Cannons, Carapace Missile Launchers

Reaver with Laser Blaster and Gatling Blaster, Carapace Missile Launcher

2x Warhounds with Vulcan Mega Bolters and Plasma Blastguns

Supported by 3 Questorus Knights and 2 Cerastus Knights with Lances

Of our missions I chose Retrieval with Tris picking Engage and Destroy

With three stratagems a piece I picked an Apocalypse Missile Strong point in the hope to whittle down the many titan shields, along with Blind Barrage for a turn of resilience if and when I recused the stranded crew.

With Close Quarters deployment our knights were in the vanguard and deployment took shape.


Turn 1 – Initiative to me

The missiles flew striping multiple shields off the Reaver, and the warlord positioned to take a first fire at the exposed knights, the warhounds had to be restrained as the Princeps had detected the signature of several auspex returns hidden amongst the buildings.


As the Princeps lined up his shot an emergency order from reserves came through and the titan strode forwards to engage the enemy, on review of the logs the origin of the order could not be determined.

20181213_173735Despite these temporary setbacks the titans manoeuvred into position, hunting for the lost crew.


The Questorus knights scout the ghost returns in the buildings, and spring the trap

Turn 2 – Initiative Retained


With the battle engaged, the warlord went onto first fire orders, with the Cerastus knights planning a charge to target one of the reavers, on the flank the knights were in trouble and decided to charge in an effort to eliminate the warhound before they were eliminated in gouts of promethium.


Cerastus knights engage the Princeps on the charge

With the initiative the knights made their move charging the warhound and putting heavy damage through onto the titan, before a counter charge by the opposing Ceratus knights finished them off, leaving the warhound free to move, albeit with plasma leaking from its reactor.  In the middle the Ceratus knights chose to take on the Princeps reaver leaving it a pile of smoking dust as it exploded.

The opposing warhounds made it to the crew first protecting the spot their tactics officer had determined we were heading for.


Turn 3 – Tris wins initiative  



With his reaver bearing down on my Princeps things were looking tense, but with low shields there was a chance the twin volcano cannons could save the day.





The fight for the crew heats up

With the titans unleashing firepower at close range the warhounds were devastated, the remaining knights charged into the fray, but the Warlord changed orders in a bid to save the downed crew blew apart the visible cerastus knights on the hill before they could charge.



Turn 4 – Tris retains initiative


The game was close but with the reaver having charged, the princeps backed his god machine away to level the volcano cannons but with the ghost orders still playing havoc with the systems the impetuous titan re-engaged the reaver!


In the middle the battle was won with the titan finally collecting the crew and beginning the journey to safety.






Despite a blind barrage sent in to protect the warlord the reaver managed to pummel the Princeps warlord into submission.






20181213_193219.jpgHowever it was all too little to late and despite having two remaining titans to one reaver the dust clouds of Mars closed in and the battle was over.

Final Scores

Tris had one further strategem – a score to settle netting an additional 4 victory points.

With engage and destroy as his main mission he netted a whopping 48 VP’s for a total of 52 points.

With the battle ending on a roll of a 10! the crew were in transit but too far from the edge of the battle field.

All my points came from my secondary objectives and netted me a total of 20 VP’s.


With a choice of Retrieval or Vital Cargo I chose the right objective, however, on review of the holo vids i made a cruical error of judgement.  The Cerastus knights should have made a charge on the combat reaver.  This being their first outing i had not realised how devastating these were on a full charge!  Whilst it would have left the Princeps reaver shooting for an additional turn, my warlord would have been return firing at it and also been safe from destruction.

The fight in the middle would have been more devastating, and with the enemy warhound sitting on the crew, recovery was a hard option.

I think all the warhounds would likely have died but so would the two enemy reavers.  Looking at the swing I think Tris would have scored 43 VP’s but i would have scored 24.  If the game had extended, then I would have been in for a chance of winning.

In summary Tris played a great game preventing the collection of the crew till T4 (was 1/4″ out on T3) and so could not make the most of my mission.

The threat of the Cerastus knights was phenomenal in positioning and order of movement.  The fact that two destroyed a reaver on the charge was great.

It really hampered my play too as I did not want them hitting my retrieval warhounds.

Fighting vs Engage and destroy is tough, especially when you need to advance into their guns, and with little time to hold back as you are on the clock to advance!


Sabotage as a command really got my Warlord on T1, the fact it gave me an advance order meant I could not shoot at all on T1.  This card seems really tough so far for just 2 points, I would like to see more play on this, but it would be nice to have a defence against it, even if its make a command check on a D6 rather than D10.  i.e. making it easier to play on certain models than others.

The missile base was great, (the great dice helped) but in the game it took several shields off the reavers, and almost took out a damaged warhound.

The blind barrage was diverted to save the warlord when it was in charge range and the -2 to hit kept him alive for two turns in combat!  If only he had not failed the command check to run back at the Reaver when shooting his Volcano Cannon!

Great game and a rematch will be occurring….

















To paint, or not to paint, that is the question

What drew me to X-wing when I first played it was that I could walk into a shop, buy a model, open it and be playing with it just as soon as i wanted.

At the time I was also playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle and enjoyed the painting and hobby aspects of the game, and was so glad that X-wing allowed me to take a break from that.

Fast forward 10 months or so and time has become a little more precious and Warhammer has dropped away for the time being, in contrast I have been playing more and more x-wing, in addition I have been multiple copies of releases when they came out.

The hobbyist in me wanted to put my mark and differentiate between models on the battle field, what follows are my edits and tweaks to the already amazing models from Fantasy Flight!

Millennium Falcon

My first attempt was to the Millennium Falcon, the ship itself i think looks fine, but the area where the engines are just annoyed me as a plain blank grey, and i wanted to add some “life” to these.


The ship on the left shows the paint job and the one on the right as it is out of the box.


This is where I left things for a long while till my next project – the A-wing, everyone who is anyone seemed to be flying the Green Squadron A-wing (if they flew any A-wings that is), so i wanted a quick change.  I achieved this by leaving the main body of the ship alone and just over-painting the red with a green, highlighting and shading this.


TIE Interceptor

Next up were some really basic mods that I have done to all of my imperial ships and that was to add a green “flash” to the tips of the guns to simulate the laser fire.

In addition after buying the Imperial Aces i wanted to have more of the Imperial Guard red ships and with a “spare” interceptor I took to a full repaint.. my first attempt.


Green tips can be seen on all three interceptors and #7 is the full repaint with #10 the original Imperial Ace.

Lambda Shuttle

Sticking with the Imperials and with a similar frame of mind to earlier I added an engine glow to the Shuttle.



Getting the bug my final ship for today is the repaint of a HWK-290, originally I repainted the red stripes with a blue, but after some consideration I went the whole hog.  Going for a light grey in a similar manner to the Millennium Falcon I applied a wash and then highlighted this, adding some coloured pipes and blue vision panels.  Although it cannot be seen I added a blue glow to the engines to finish the ship off.


In conclusion

I hope you appreciated the repaints, maybe if i get around to buying a second Firespray then I may repaint one of those, but as I only own one its staying as the original repaint at the moment.

I have been pleased with the efforts and also how well the smaller changes give some personality to the models and especially as the time taken to do this is minimal.

Soon I may have a helper to assist…


Thanks for reading.

X-Wing Knock Out – Sanctuary Games

Life moves in mysterious ways, a friend was meant to come and stay the night and whilst here “wanted to try out that new X-wing game”.  Unfortunately he cancelled last minute, freeing my Sunday up to go to a tournament.

The format was one that I have never really played in before and it piqued my interest – 150 points, Rebel Aces allowed, knockout – 2 losses and you can go home…(or play friendlies)

With 7 players turning up the owner stepped in to ensure there were no byes.

Choosing a list

Rebels or Imperials…I chose both and started to ponder things.

Imperials were Darth Vader + Proton Rockets + Outmaneuver + Engine Upgrade, Black Squadron Pilot + Draw their Fire, Rexlar Brath + Heavy Laser Cannon + Veteran Instincts, 2 x Sigma Squadron Pilots

Rebels consisted of Keyan Farlander + Heavy Laser Cannon + Push the Limit + Bwing/E2 + Weapons Engineer, Roark Garnet, Chewbacca + C3PO + Gunner + Millenium Falcon, Wedge Antillies + R2 + Push the Limit + Engine Upgrade.

Both these lists I considered would do well as they had high Pilot Skill to combat uncloaked phantoms, but in the end i chose the Rebel list.

Wedge AntillesPush the LimitEngine UpgradeR2Chewbacca FalconGunnerC-3POMillenium FalconRoark GarnetKeyan FarlanderPush the LimitWeapons Engineer   Bwing-E2   Heavy Laser Cannon

Players – Martyn Gough, Melvin  , Rich Tansey, Craig Sharp, Terry Carr, Grahame Mulliss & myself Chris Taylor with Rich Lacey acting as a spare.

The Plan

Without knowing anything about others lists and 150 point games really opening up some nice combos i was hoping that my PS 12 out put and Chewie would help solve that pesky Phantom issue.  Roark is never meant to fight but just stay at range three and if he gets a shot its a bonus.  Wedge does what he does and with the boost can hopefully get into the right position to deal a killer blow, Keyan i hoped would work – the round where he needs to shoot i would take PTL with a barrel roll or a focus and target lock saving the focus for defense if needed.

Would it work though?

Onwards and upwards to see how things would pan out…

Round 1 – vs Martyn and three tooled up Imperials,

  • Whisper +Advanced Cloaking Device + Veteran Instincts + Fire Control System + Gunner,
  • Colonel Vessery + Heavy Laser Cannon + Veteran Instincts + Assault Missiles,
  • Boba Fett + Proton Bombs + Weapons Engineer + Flechette Torpedoes + Predator + Assault Missiles + Slave-1

Things were about to get messy, the imperials had the drop on the rebel fleet with Pilot Skill 8,8,9 to my 4,5,7,9 so i spread out hoping i could take it slow and get my ships to bear before he could engage.  Round 1 and i actually remembered to take photos so here is their story.


After exchange of fire the falcon is left on a single point of hull with just Boba Fett to shoot…but to the rescue comes Wedge causing a Blinded Pilot Critical leaving Boba Fett rolling no dice and with that Keyan blew him from the sky.


Not to be outdone the imperials chase down Chewie but in doing so leave an opening and Whisper goes down.DSCN0005

Not one to give up Colonel Vessery takes the fight to the Rebels causing Keyan be destoryed.DSCN0006

The star of the show, Wedge, did not lose his cool and closed to point blank range to destroy the Colonel.DSCN0008

Roark spent the game flying around rescuing the recently shot down pilots, but was the star of the show giving Chewie what he needed to put the initial damage onto Whisper.

Win for the rebels 150-94

DSCN0009 Games in progress

Round 2 – Rich T

Rich was flying an Elite Rebel list of three A-wings and 2 B-wings, embracing the spirit of the Aces he had:

  • Tycho Celchu + Veteran Instincts + Chardaan Refit + Stealth Device
  • Jake Farrell + Veteran Instincts + Chardaan Refit + Stealth Device
  • Gemmer Sojan + A-Wing Test Pilot + Veteran Instincts + Chardaan Refit + Stealth Device
  • Keyan Farlander + Veteran Instincts + Heavy Laser Cannon + Advanced Sensors
  • Ibitisam + Veteran Instincts + Ion Cannon

Now before i get into this game i have to mention Rich’s first game vs Grahame everyone had finished except these guys and with 5 mins to go it was 0-0 eventually the game was won by Rich as Grahame flew Krassis off the board!

Rich vs Grahame in the great battle of evading DSCN0010

Knowing how hard it was to hit the A-wings I decided that the way forward was to take out the B-wings first and I set this up to go forward.

With Rich having the Pilot skill i set up in a corner so that i could bring all my guns to bear, Rich set up with his A-wings in line and the B-wings looking to come around the flank.


The forces engage with Rich’s Keyan Farlander going down in the first pass, but Wedge is Ion’d and heading towards an asteroid with no shields


The A-wings turn in to bring their guns to bear,


Chewie boosts to safety while the A-wings get behind Wedge and Keyan, but fail to make the most of their shotsDSCN0016

Keyan and Ibitsam face off with Keyan coming out the winner, whilst Chewie chases down Jake.DSCN0017

After leading the remaining rebels on a merry old dance eventually Jake was bracketed by the remaining ships and was destroyed.

Two from two and things were looking good for the Knock out with a 150-37 win.

Game 3 vs Melvin and an 4 X-wings and an E-wing list, it was a lot of attack dice and this scared me especially if all those ships could be brought to bear in one turn.

  • 3 x Rookie X-wings with R2 Astromechs
  • Wedge + Shield Upgrade + R2 Astromech + Outmaneuver
  • Corran Horn + Veteran Instincts + R2-D2 + Shield upgrade + Fire control system

With a split set up Chewie was concerned of the triple rookies on the flank, as for the remaining ships i wanted to get Wedge taken down as he could be a real threat to Keyan or Chewie.


Chewie takes the brunt of the rookie’s fire, but survives to take out Wedge


The ships re-position for the next round and Keyan judges his turn to combine with Chewie and blow a rookie from the sky.


With the ship advantage the rookies are destroyed and the chase is on for CorranDSCN0022

150-0 win (although my squad was pretty beaten up)

Three games, three wins and 4 players left going into the last round and I had played all three but they had not played each other.

I drew for my sins Rich and his elite ships again, the result was the same, although I lost Wedge early i managed to kill his B-wings and despite losing Roark for the first time over the weekend I ran out 150-56 winner.

Time to call out Honest Sith’s Insurance brokers


In the other game Martyn beat Melvin leaving me on a 4-0 record and Martyn on 3-1.  With the time 5.30pm and the potential for 2 further games to try and decide this (I lose one and the a final game as a decider) we could have been looking at a 9pm finish and so we decided to call it there.

Tournament thoughts

Keyan Farlander – wow what a pilot, certainly man of the match, although I think in part due to Chewie taking the heat off him. Burning the stress to shoot was really effective.  Roark was a close second, this is the first time i have flown him with no upgrades and i think that was best as it meant I did not need (nor was i tempted) to fly him close to any fighting like i would have done if he had a turret – he actually took down a B-wing at range 3 in the last game too!  Gunner on Chewie or the Turret on Roark – gunner was certainly the better option.  I think weapons engineer was slightly wasted and Jan Ors on Roark would have been possibly a better choice.

The format knowing it was 2 losses and you were out was fine for this weekend, however we all underestimated how long this could go on.  With just 8 players we needed a potential 6 games and with 90 mins being allowed for each round there just was not enough time in the day.  If we had dropped to 100 point games and 60 mins we would probably have had the time to fit these in.

Still I was more than happy with a 4-0 winning record and took a small ship home with me at the end of the day.

A big thanks to my opponents and Martyn for organising and Rich for hosting this at Sanctuary Games,

I will be back for another tournament.

One final note was to the guys I did not play and their lists.


  • Krassis Trelix + Heavy Laser Cannon + Gunner + Homing Missiles
  • Capt. Jonus + Proximity Mines
  • Turr Phenir + Veteran Instincts
  • Soontir Fel + Push the Limit
  • Dark Curse

Terry Carr

  • 4 X-wings and a Y-wing (unfortunately i missed taking notes of his list)

Craig Sharp

  • Dark Curse
  • Backstabber + Shield Upgrade
  • Obsidian Squadron
  • Howlrunner + Veteran Instincts + Stealth Device
  • Whisper + Advanced Cloaking Device + Veteran Instincts
  • Krassis Trelix + Stealth Device and Proximity Mines

One last note I am assisting in running a tournament in Derby, England on the weekend of 21-23 November.  If any of you readers would like to attend details can be found here

Thanks for reading and see you next time.


X-Wing Escalation Round 4

Well the last round was upon us and I was up against James and his TIE Defenders…supported by Whisper.

Delta Squadron Pilot  Delta Squadron Pilot 

Rexler Brath Veteran InstinctsHeavy Laser Cannon

WhisperAdvanced Cloaking device Advanced SensorsNavigatorVeteran Instincts

My list had Turr Phenir and Push the Limit on him and the Royal Guard, with Capt. Jonus and 2 defenders with Heavy laser cannons.

We set up in opposite corners with my interceptors trying to get around the flank, James had the initiative due to being one point lower than me.  I turned my defenders into the fight and as the ships approached managed to get several shots off, but only succeeded in stripping away the shields from one defender, in return I lost the shields on one of mine.

This is where I started to make mistakes, I had not been thinking straight and forgot about initiative and James blocked me with his defenders causing a triple ship pile up.  With both rexlar and whisper getting into range they did 7 hits out of 8 on Jonus who failed to dodge any and was blown from the sky.  In return I stripped a few shields from the other defender, but it was looking bad.

Defender Traffic Jam

Defender Traffic Jam

Que mistake 2 instead of regrouping I tried to maneuver to get shots, i should have flown off and got myself into position, this culminated with the royal guard landing on an asteroid and instead of being behind the defenders with a barrel roll boost he was right in front of both and with no shot – oh the shame, James took no pity and blew him from the sky.  Turr had tried to out flank Whisper, but to no avail and with a bunch of shots and failed dodges Whisper took him down before he could return fire.

WIth just two defenders vs all James ships i managed to get a consolation defender, and for a moment had several hits and a crit on Whisper…but he dodged enough to take the shots on his shields.

Now it was just a case of when not if and Whisper took down one defender with Rexlar pinning the other down and the game was over.

I was down 150-30


I needed more practice with this last list and James flew his list really well, the early mistakes really hit me badly, and i threw away both Interceptors when I had no need to do so these guys were in a great position to do some real damage and would hopefully have meant it was tit for tat ships for a while longer.

Whisper with the high PS and Navigator meant I really had no chance of getting him pinned down as he was always moving after my ships and I needed to rely on killing the other ships fast to enable me to get whisper in a cross fire and hope!

Hopefully the remaining games will be played soon and the final results issued, just as soon as i know them i will post them up here.

Thanks for reading.

X-wing Escalation Round 2

Although we have made it to round two, i am still yet to play a game at Santuary…maybe next time. So Andy suggested the Lincolnshire Poacher in Nottingham.  

Before the game I had looked at Andy’s list and had considered how i needed to fly my ships, for details have a look at my Round 1 blog

The Squadrons

With the asteroids down, we deployed in opposite corners, me in formation with Delta #13 having the Heavy laser cannon mounted and was deployed closest to the board edge.


Despite my thoughts initially about staying out of Etahn’s fire arc, Andy flew him straight down the board, and for some reason I dismissed him from my mind i was so focused on taking out Airen Cracken and Ten Numb.

Tactical maneuvers

This was almost my downfall as he flew in from the flank blanketing my ships with his sensor arrays, this allowed Ten Numb to gain a double crit, on Delta #13 but fortunately one was saved.  Airen took another hit off Delta #14, but then it was the Imperials chance to fight back, and with a focused HLC shot at Airen he took 4 hits, dodging one to stay in the game.  Jonus clipped Ten Numb dropping a shield.

Fire at will

Airen was now running scared and banked to get out of the arc of the imperials, fortunately flying so close that he could not be targeted, however with Ten Numb, Jonus and Delta #13 all performing K-Turns they fired on one another with shields being burnt on both sides.  Fortunately Etahn clipped an asteroid and ended up directly in front of Delta #14 who did not shirk his duty and promptly took his shields leaving him on one hull.

Running the gauntlet

The following turn all the ships tried to disengage, and the shots fired were largely ineffective, but both sides had all their ships alive, so it was with several long range shots Ten Numb took three long range hits on Capt. Jonus then in the crossfire he failed to dodge the incoming fire from Etahn and was the first casualty of the battle.  However in return Delta #13 took aim with his HLC and blew Ethan from the skies, taking faith from his imperial comrade Delta #14 took focusd his fire and Airen was clipped spinning into a nearby asteroid.  With things looking grim Ten Numb tried to disengage, but with two delta squadron on his tail he was destroyed before he could plot his escape to hyperspace.

5 Death at range

The battle in the end going to the imperials and a 90-22 victory.


There were a few mistakes on both sides, me forgetting Etahn’s ability, although I did want to focus on the other ships, i had not intended to let him get on my flank by so much.  The mistake on Andy’s part was a dial error in not putting the right maneuver down for Airen which meant he was just outside of range 1 of Ten Numb so his ability was wasted.

Bizarrely three of the ships were taken out on the same turn and all the shots were at range 3, i was particularly disappointed in Jonus failing to roll 1 evade on 4 dice, coupled with Andy’s 6/6 hits (but that made up for my luck in shooting his ships earlier), but with a K-turn and stress he could not dodge.  This was a double blow as the delta lost his HLC re-roll and only took two hits on Etahn, but it was enough ditto for my shot at Airen Range 3 and snuck the one hit through that was needed.

Next up is ….I don’t know, unfortunately my next opponent has not pre-submitted their list so I will be flying into the unknown.

My list has now expanded to include a TIE Interceptor which I hope to use as a flanker, and the rest of the force will hopefully act as a hammer…but what will I be facing…