X-Wing at the Slaughter

January can only mean one thing, yes the Sheffield Slaughter is back, this year with a twist, Friday night a mini tournament was suggested. 60 points of X-wing to tempt in some new blood.

In the end there were 10 players, traffic and last minute crisis left the field short.

So the field was (Ranking number, Player, Fleet – as best i can remember)
401 Shane Metcalf, Imperial Firespray + TIE fighter
402 Chris Taylor, Imperial 3 Obsidian TIE’s, Howlrunner
403 Ben Johnson, Rebel Wedge and Biggs X-Wings?
404 Marcus Pitt, Imperial – 4 TIE’s – Academy, Dark Curse, Night Beast, Mauler Mithel
405 Steve Wren, Imperial – 5 Academy TIE’s
406 Ben Curry, Imperial – 5 Academy TIES’s
407 Craig Johnson, Imperial – Krassis Trelix – Firespray, Gunner, Heavy Laser Cannon, Academy TIE
408 Ste Halliwell, Rebel – Luke with R2 D2 and Red Squadron with Proton Torps
409 Chris White, Rebels (badly) (Your comment not mine Chris)!
410 Jon Pugh, Rebel – 2 X-Wings poss Wedge and Biggs

So with 4 Rebels fighting off 6 Imperials who was going to come out top?

Ben Johnson had painted up some great looking boards in advance of the games, Ben had sorted the prizes and sponsorship through Element Games and his Baddice podcast. I backed this up with organising the scoring and results recording.

Round 1 started with a random draw the remaining games were on points and strength of schedule.
Chris Taylor vs Steve Wren
Marcus Pitt vs Chris White
Ben Johnson vs Craig Johnson
Shane Metcalf vs Ben Curry
Ste Halliwell vs Jon Pugh

My game vs Steve was a close on two swarms facing off at each other my initial pass failed and Steve gained a ship upper hand, but as the clock ran down one of the academy’s flew too close to an asteroid leveling the sides up and with the superior pilot skill my swarm took out the modified win.



Marcus, Ben J, Shane and Jon also won their games.

Round 2
Marcus Pitt vs Ben Johnson
Jon Pugh vs Shane Metcalf
Chris Taylor vs Ste Halliwell
Craig Johnson vs Steve Wren
Chris White vs Ben Curry

Going into this game I felt quite confident, however that evaporated with the initial barrage, despite taking down Red Squadrons shields i failed to do further damage and to add insult to injury failed to dodge almost everything the x-wings threw at me. Ste then maneuvered well and with 2 x-wings
picked apart my swarm one by one. I almost evened things up towards the end, but to no avail and Ste ran out the winner.

Luke pick his target

Luke picks his target

Marcus, Shane, Craig and Ben also ran out winners.

Round 3 (final round due to a delayed start)
Shane Metcalf vs Marcus Pitt
Jon Pugh vs Ben Johnson
Ben Curry vs Ste Halliwell
Craig Johnson vs Chris Taylor
Chris White vs Steve Wren

So Craig had taken a list that I had almost chosen myself, Krassis Trelix and a TIE, but having played it I knew i needed to take out one of the ships quick. Craig made a mistake early on and flew his TIE into range one of all 4 of mine and despite evading was blown from the sky, to make matters worse he was out of arc with Krassis. Taking a gamble I banked all my TIE’s knowing some crashing was inevitable, but it allowed all 4 to take a shot at Krassis, stripping his shields and causing the first of 3 crits on him! Just before her ship was destroyed the primary weapon had been reduced by 2 and Pilot skill was down to 1.

The Swarm flies through the remnants of the Academy TIE

The Swarm flies through the remnants of the Academy TIE

With this game finishing quickly I was able to see what was going on with the top table game between Marcus and Shane, and it was interesting…

Shane had a Firespray and TIE with Marcus and his 4 TIE’s. Marcus was down TIE, but soon finished off the Wingman and started chasing down the Firespray, but could it take out the TIE’s before falling?

Firespray just stays on the board

Firespray just stays on the board

Well it was almost over but with the only maneuver on the dial a 2 bank and the Firespray survived another day, but took a “Crit” preventing it from shooting once. This was to the TIE’s advantage and they took the Firespray to a single hull point at which Shane misjudged the next move and hit an asteroid…but flew right by, unfortunately being parked on an asteroid meant the TIE’s had free reign to pick him off and duly did.

Where did that rock come from?

Where did that rock come from?



Marcus running out the winner.

The final Standings were
1 Marcus Pitt
2 Ben Johnson
3 Shane Metcalf
4 Ste Halliwell
5 Chris Taylor
6 Jon Pugh
7 Craig Johnson
8 Ben Curry
9 Steve Wren
10 Chris White

With Rebels finishing 2nd, 4th, 6th and last.

Element games dished out some great prizes with 1st taking a big ship, 2nd two small, 3rd one small and last a voucher.

Prize support from Element Games

Prize support from Element Games

A great introduction to the game especially as most guys there only had played a handful of games before.


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